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Introduction to Fly Fishing Class

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                                                        Fly Tying Class

     If you have ever wondered how those flies we use to fish with are created, then come and check out our beginning fly tying class. Numerous well qualified club instructors will be ready to teach you how to tie simple basic patterns, and then advance into more difficult patterns. Each class session builds on what you'll have learned at the previous sessions, so it's important that you attend all 7 classes. 

     The cost for the seven week course is $75 which includes a terrific instruction book with a DVD, and all the fly tying materials that you'll need for the course. We have loaner tools available for you to use in class and at home (we do have homework for you). Classes will be held at the Mr. Aire Facility in Sylmar from 7/9 p.m. every Wednesday evening beginning January 11, and ending February 22nd.  Don't miss out on this great educational class because it's time to start filling up your fly boxes..
     For more information, you can always contact our education guy, Steve Ebersold, at 818 439-0556, or




          Master fly tyer Steve Fernandez creating outstanding fly patterns.

                                                                          Photos by Joey Guzman
Just getting started in fly tying? Check out these YouTube videos for Tips for Beginners.

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