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Over the years Gary Bulla has explored unique and pristine fly fishing waters and shared his fishing knowledge with us. These include fly fishing the California surf, kayak fly fishing expeditions to the islands of Southern Baja, mothership trips to Belize for tarpon and bonefish, and guiding anglers with his trained family of captains on the Sea of Cortez in Baja Sur, Mexico.

 In the last four years he has also hosted trips to Amazonia. His November presentation “Angling the Amazon'' will take us through the capital city of Manaus in central Brazil and onto a mothership traveling the waters of the largest river system on the planet. He will cover two incredible tributaries of the central Amazon which he visited on separate expeditions, the Rio Negro and the Uyetama Reserve. His first trip was exploratory on an old wooden mothership. Through intense experimentation he and Michael Williams of Nomadic Waters helped train the native guides on fly fishing strategies that led them to become believers in the power of the fly in the jungle waters.

Gary will share his discoveries, including a brief geological history of the area, the warmth of the native Amazonians, the stunning biodiversity of the diverse habitats in the jungle’s ecosystems, the rhythm and camaraderie of life on a mothership, and the tackle and techniques for wrestling the dazzling variety of fish in the vast Amazon forest. As you will discover, Brazil should definitely be on every fly fisher’s bucket list. 

Please join him for a colorful trip through a very biodiverse and mysterious part of the world.

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