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Sierra Pacific Fly Fishers and Conservation

Sierra Pacific Fly Fishers has continually been involved in conservation efforts since the club's inception. We support a wide variety of activities that generate funds to support conservation-related agencies, grant funds from the SPFF Foundation to worthy causes, and provide on-site member support in field-related efforts to protect the wonderful natural resources that we enjoy.

One example was our support of the Lahonton Cutthroat Trout project on Silver Creek. This creek is located in the mountains to the north of State Route 108 and is a pristine trout and wildlife sanctuary. The creek is one of the few locations left where lahonton cutthroats are still trying to survive. The problem is the invasion of brook trout which overrun the resources of the creek as well as aggressively feed on the less-tenacious cutthroats.

To address this issue, SPFF along with other clubs of the Southwest Council of the Federation of Fly Fishers, working with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, began an eradication effort that involved the electroshocking of the creek to stun the fish. The brook trout were removed by hand and destroyed, while the cutthroats were returned, perhaps dizzily, to the creek. SPFF donated $5,000 to provide an intern to work with the groups to facilitate this effort. This process was repeated in 2014.

Piru Creek, which feeds Lake Piru in Ventura County, has two parts. The upper portion, above Pyramid Lake (along Interstate 5 north of Los Angeles) supports some small fishing if there is sufficient water from rain. Below Pyramid Lake, the creek makes its way along the old US99 and then turn west through the mountains to Lake Piru. This lower area has been of interest to SPFF from the beginning, and for many years the club undertook major cleanup efforts to make it a pleasant place to visit. More recently, this creek has become choked with brush and weeds, and has also become a haven for American bullfrogs and crayfish that prevent the survival of fish. Over time, SPFF has donated extensive funds and physical effort to continue to eradicate these problems.

SPFF has also been involved in the eradication of crayfish from Malibu Creek, an ongoing and successful project to remove these pests from an area that would otherwise be ideal for an endangered steelhead.

If you are interested in participating in any of the projects we have ongoing, feel free to contact our conservation chair, Ms. Debbie Sharpton, at

Keep an eye on the newsletter for up to date and upcoming events and information.

Under the menu item "Documents and Downloads", look for the Conservation heading. Select this to find a long list of documents and reports on various conservation projects in which SPFF has been involved.

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